[WATCH]: Hushpuppi Officially arrested by Dubai Police [EXPLAINED]

[WATCH]: Hushpuppi Officially arrested by Dubai Police [EXPLAINED]

Nigerian business mogul Raymond Igbalodely, popularly known as Hushpuppi, has been arrested by police officials in Dubai. Hushpuppi was involved in multiple fraudulent acts in different parts of the world, which led the police to him.

According to the video from the Dubai Media Office, the investigation on Hushpuppi started 4 months ago. The video made it clear that 6 raids were carried out simultaneously, while Hushpuppi and his gang (accomplices) were sleeping in their Dubai residence.

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Their location was made known through Hushpuppi and his “gang” social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).

They explained that Hushpuppi and his team were creating fake accounts and websites, which would redirect the payments made by individuals through credit cards and other payment methods, to his account. They also send fake emails to their clients, which would allow them to hack into their personal mail, and be able to acquire their bank details and transfer money.

All the scams and monies they were able to pull off, amount to 1.6 Billion Dirhams, ($435,617,120.00), and the police were able to seize items available in Hushpuppi’s room worth over 150 million Dirhams ($40,839,105.00).

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Gadgets and other items include, 21 computers, 47 mobile phones, 15 flash drives, and 5 harddisks contain large amounts of data. 1,926,400 individuals, were victims of Hushpuppi’s heist.

They also confiscated 13 luxury cars, worth over 25 million Dirhams.

Source: EdemGhana.com