[WATCH]: Asem to sue Amerado for stealing his “Intellectual Property”

[WATCH]: Asem to sue Amerado for stealing his “Intellectual Property”

A few hours ago, Asem posted a video on social media, stating that he would sue Ghanaian music/content creator Amerado for stealing his idea. According to Asem, Amerado’s YeeteNsem news was his idea.

Asem stated that he brought the idea, and made it known to Amerado, and expected Amerado to seek permission (Asem’s blessing) to be able to use it. Asem said Amerado failed to do so, started YeeteNsem without his knowledge, and is now requesting for sponsors.

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Asem said any income Amerado acquires from YeeteNsem, he (Asem) is entitled to 60%, according to “copyright laws”.If Amerado does not comply, Asem wouldn’t hesitate to sue him. Everyone’s now waiting on Amerado’s reply concerning this issue.

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