Top 6 Ways to Last Longer in Bed for Men – [Adult Swim]

Top 6 Ways to Last Longer in Bed for Men – [Adult Swim]

Believe it or not, some women complain that they don’t get satisfied in bed, and it’s the job of the man to satisfy a woman sexually. Satisfying a woman sexually does not only please the woman, it gives the man confidence as well.

Imagine a scenario where you accidentally witness your woman telling her friends you only last 3 minutes, but outside, you talk a big game.

We’ve done some research and come up with several ways a man can last long in bed.

  1. Try Different Positions

There are over 30 sex positions you can engage in that’s able to help you last long in bed. [Sex positions will be posted later in the week]. The point here is, when the man is about to release or have an orgasm, he knows [statistically speaking, a man reaching the orgasm zone is one of the best feelings in the world], though it’s hard to resist, in order to still go on, he must pull out and try a new position. It takes not more than 5 seconds for the “orgasm” to go back. During that period of pulling out and changing positions, it will feel like a fresh start.

i.e: If a man only last 3 minutes in bed, without he pulls out for a new position without “cumming”, he’s just bought himself 3 more minutes.

2. Improve Your Exercise Game

This is for guys who don’t workout and don’t last long in bed. Exercising regularly contributes in making the guy last long in bed. When you don’t workout, no matter how big or buff you are, your body isn’t ready for sexual intercourse that last long. Sex is like a marathon, it takes a lot work and energy, it’s endless, and so the best you can do is to set a new record every time. If you don’t work out, your body won’t be used to energy releases like that, so the slightest good feeling you get, you’ll cum quicker than lightning.

3. Engage In Foreplay

First off, let’s explain what foreplay is. Foreplay in simple terms means everything you do before having sex. This includes kissing, touching, oral sex (mouth game) etc.. Most women enjoy foreplay more than sex because is a mood setter. By doing this, you’re stalling your orgasm/feelings. This act has been proved to make men last long in bed.

4. Use Condoms (Adult Balloons)

Like it or not, condoms make you last long in bed. In some cases, condoms can make you go for over 20 minutes and you still won’t release an orgasm. Unfortunately, people don’t like to use condoms because they like it “raw”. The most sensitive part of the man’s penis is the tip. Too much good feeling at the tip can make a man release an orgasm within 14 seconds. But when the man/guy uses a condom, the condom covers the sensitive part of the penis. Once it’s covered, the man/guy will feel the goodness when having sex, but will not feel it 100% so it’s going to take a long time before the guy cums.

5. Taking a Break

When having sex, it’s okay to take break. Not take a break and sleep… but take a break and do other things like foreplay [3]. As a guy, when you’re about to release an orgasm, you can pull out quickly and start cuddling, kissing or engage in oral sex with your partner.

6. Masturbate Before Sex

Incase you don’t know, when you have sex the first time (1st Round), the second time (2nd round) would definitely last long. After orgasm is released from your body the first time, it’ll take some time for your body to “cook” up another orgasm again. Sometimes, this is the point where ladies begin to beg guys/men that they’re tired/too satisfied. When you masturbate and release, your body doesn’t know the difference between masturbation and sex, as long as you cums once, that’s all you need. You then need about 3-5 minutes to relax before you (the man) can have an ejaculation again. Before you know it, you’ll but running a marathon for more than an hour.

NB: You don’t need to exercise for this. Its natural and applies to everyone.

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