SCAM ALERT: GhOne’s Cookie Tee Official Social Media Handle

SCAM ALERT: GhOne’s Cookie Tee Official Social Media Handle

GhOne’s Shirley Tibilla, popularly known as Cookie Tee, is having some trouble on social media. Unfortunately, a group of people have created fake accounts with her pictures and are using it to scam people to their advantage.

Cookie Tee confirms she has no idea about this account. It was found that this impersonator was on Twitter and Instagram but upon getting caught, he or she deleted the account and is now on Facebook (Tina R. Aryee). People reported this account, saying the person behind it sometimes demanded money, asked to meet up, the promise of getting people a job, etc.

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This has been reported, and the right people are still searching for whoever is behind this. Cookie Tee has only one (1) account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She only uses these accounts and no other. View these links and usernames below:

Official Cookie Social Media Handles

Twitter – @TheCookieteeGH []

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Instagram – @Cookieteegh []

Facebook – @CookieTeeGh []