The black race has always been a blessing to the world. Africans have always exuded commitment, loyalty, and hard work wherever we find ourselves.

Europeans have benefited greatly from African man-power and her natural resources. Even till date, they continue to benefit…..

But come to think of it, these same people to some extent take delight in brutalizing Africa descents living in the diaspora.

The question is, what makes Europeans feel more special than Africans? Is it because of their color, their knowledge, skills and advancement in technology? What is it that makes us feel inferior in the eyes of the so-called “whites”?
It is ideal to know this; we must not cheat on each other and think one is superior over the other when it comes to humanity.

It is disgusting, very very disgusting to hear of the killing of George Floyd. An insipid act that drills down to what is termed as “moral decadence”. This is the worst that can happen and if the American government abhors such an act, it lies on her to handle this with professionalism and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

Blacks on the territory of the whites do not make blacks slaves to whites or Africans slaves to Europeans, but neighbours of social, educational , religious and economic freedom and its positive impact.

African descents are worried, and oh yes, African youth must be very worried too!!!

As the commander in charge of the African Young Leaders Alliance, I am aggrieved and do whole-heartedly condemn these injustices….

If blacks are not friends of white, it must be tacit, if blacks are not to accommodate whites too, it must be tacit. We both must clearly know our stand so that we may have a clear cut off how to do transactions devoid of disruptions.

AYLA commiserate with the family of Floyd. We pray that the soul of this African descent will rest in perfect peace.

It is significant to also know that we need each other to survive and as such should not afford these injustices in any shape or form.

Africa must unite towards a common goal. Our destiny lies in our hands, either to be belittled or brittle as a continent.

May we be guarded by our divine maker as we gradually distinguish ourselves from the Europeers!!!!!

This article was written by Michael Donatus Turkson.

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