Depression : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. Everything You Need to Know

Depression : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. Everything You Need to Know

Before reading, we’d like everyone to know, depression isn’t for only the old, but anyone can go through depression. A child, teenager, student, male, female, an old man or woman whether rich or poor. Simply put, anyone besides toddlers can go through depression.

What is depression In short terms ?

It is the persistence in loss of interest in daily activities, sadness and “feeling down” for no particular reason.

NB: Depression is real, people go through depression no matter how old, this doesn’t mean they have a problem, it just means they need to be shown extra care.

Depression is not a problem that occurs for only a day and stops, it’s an ongoing problem that occurs for either one-week straight, two-weeks straight and many-a-times, months.

We’re going to talk about depression in general but below are the briefed TYPES OF DEPRESSION.

1. Bipolar Disorder – This condition involves shifts in mood and decrease in energy. It makes the individual believe he/she doesn’t have enough energy to perform any task.

2. Psychotic Depression – This conditions sometimes make individuals hallucinate, through hallucinations, they see, say and do things that aren’t either real or true. This is one of the most serious forms of depression, someone with this type of depression needed extra medical attention

3. Major depression – This type of depression is what one might say is normal. An individual with the major type of depression is 70% of the day in a constant state of sadness, sadness to which they have no idea why they are sad. Gladly, this type can be cured easily if time is dedicated to it. Medication and Psychotherapy for about 5-6 weeks should be able to treat this type of depression.

4. Postpartum Depression – This has to do with mothers. Women who give birth. This comes in so many ways, over worrying in child’s health, thinking everyone is out to get your child, feeling your child doesn’t love you, this is literally anything that has to do with your child, usually known as “baby blues”. In this case, the hormone level of the woman may readjust.

5. Major depressive order with Seasonal Patterns – This is a type of depression that has to do with weather. This is usually people who love the light of day, so if it get to the rainy season , or winter , where the isn’t common or doesn’t appear regularly, they tend to have a major depression (example 3).

General Sign & Symptoms Of Depression

1. Unusual changes in appetite

2. Loss of sexual desire

3. Feeling worthless or guilty for no reason

4. Being indecisive and unable to concentrate

5. Thoughts of death or suicide

In Children

1. Lack of energy

2. Crying

3. Clinginess

4. Showing of resistant behaviors

In teenagers

1. Withdrawing for family (and or) from friends

2. Constant feeling of aimlessness in life

3. Feeling like you lack friends and happiness

4. Inability to sit still

5. Problem with concentration in school

In College Students

1. Insomnia ( Reduction in sleep)

2. Problem with concentration in school

3. Decrease or increase in food appetite

4. Staying off social media or any social situation enjoyable

5. Feeling alone (Like you have no friends)

6. Unintentionally pushing people away

In Males

1. Inability to keep relationships

2. Getting angry over even the smallest things

3. Avoiding people who make you happy and even family

4. Being forgetful

5. Always thinking negatively

In Females

1. Constant mood swings

2. Constant fatigue

3. Anxiety

4. Forgetfulness

5. Always thinking negatively

6. Inability to keep relationships


1. Environmental Factors

2. Genetic features

3. Psychological and Social Factors

4. Changes in brain’s neurotransmitter levels

5. Additional conditions, such as bipolar disorder

Source : MedicalNewsToday


1. Support : This can be either from going to psychotherapy consistently in order to talk about your problem and getting good advice on how to react to them. Support can also come from family

2. Drug Treatment : There are drugs that can treat depression called Anti-Depressants. But a doctor must prescribe for the patient because, there are different types of anti-depressants which perform different functions depending on the type of depression the individual’s facing. These medication have side effects, which some of them are : weight loss, rashes, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, low blood sugar, sexual dysfunctions.

3. Natural treatment : These are the use of products or herb that contain either less or no chemical in order to treat depression till it goes away. These are with the use of

i. Ginseng

ii. Lavender

iii. Chamomile

4. Eating : Lots of people over eat when they’re depressed, and believe it or not, it’s a good thing, but it’s only good when you eat fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil.

5. Exercise : Exercising is able to take an individual’s mind off depression but not for long. It’s a temporary treatment.

6. Brain Stimulation Therapies : Deep brain stimulation is a neurosurgical procedure involving the placement of a medical device called a neurostimulator, which sends electrical impulses, through implanted electrodes

It can also mean to control your brain, so the individual can decide to be repeating positive quotes, words or vibes to his/herself . Like : “ I cannot be depressed” or “I’m a happy person” or “My joy doesn’t depend on anyone”

Now you know what depression is, you know the causes , symptoms and how to treat it. Kindly share for awareness. You don’t know who needs this to survive .

Leave your thought or any addition you have in the comment section below. Thank you .

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