ANDRE CONSULTS – [Business Consultant]

ANDRE CONSULTS – [Business Consultant]

Andre Consults is a business firm aiming to close the gap that exists between “Start-Ups” and “Established Brands.”

The ever-present problem that “liability of newness” faces among “established companies” is one that Andre Consults is seeking to bridge so the new companies can develop alongside old companies.

We offer products and services that include “Business Advisory Services, Business Proposals, Business Plans, Corporate branding, and others.

Other services Andre Consults may provide include, running errands for the very busy people as well as people who are not within reach of running their own errands. Companies without delivery services may also contact Andre Consults to help with such services.

Andre Consults having already worked with brand names such as Vulcan Natural Resources, P.l.A.Y, ID-EM, Genial Ushering Agency, Government Relations, and New York Construction Mall.

Andre Consults also performs the role of the middle man in representing people and businesses in developing and growing their brands/establishment, while also doing the work that the business may find impossible to do or reach due to either matters that may remain confidential to both parties.

Andre Consults boast of a CV that goes on to suggest that they are good at what they do and thus, businesses and individuals are growing steadily having trusted their products and services. They are well endowed in the field of business representation, business branding, and everything business.

Andre Consults’s initiative will go a long way to placing Andre Consults amongst the very core of business consultancy services in Corporate Ghana and beyond.

Should you consider working with Andre Consults, you can send them a mail on “” or contact them via mobile/text/WhatsApp on 0547937573

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