How to Get Verified on Instagram [Only 4 Steps]

How to Get Verified on Instagram [Only 4 Steps]

Now, you can be verified on Instagram even if you’re not a celebrity. You can do so by just following these steps, but you have to know that in order to be verified, there are some criteria you must have or follow. If you possess these criteria, it doesn’t matter if you have only 500 followers, you’ll be verified.

In order to be verified, you need to request for it. It’s called a ‘verified badge’.

1. Firstly, you have to be logged in to your account or the account you’re requesting the verified badge for.

2. Go to your profile. [It can be found at the bottom right of your phone. It has your profile picture on it.]

In this image, the profile is the icon below at the bottom left, covered in black.

3. Tap the “more” button at the top right section on your screen.

4. The next step is to Tap Setting > Account > Request Verification.

After this process, you’ll be asked a few questions to confirm your identity. But Instagram laid it out that if you submit your application to be verified, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be verified or receive the badge.

Now, let’s move on to the criteria/requirements needed to qualify for a “verified badge” on Instagram.


First of all, Instagram doesn’t just handout verification badges to just anyone. They give out the badges based on 4 requirements which are; Authenticity, Completeness, Notability, and Uniqueness.

1. Authenticity – Your account must represent a real business or a person. It should not be a parody account of a real person. The account must also be active. It should not be dormant.

2. Completeness – You must be sure to fill out every form or question Instagram asks you for confirmation. Also, your account should not be private, but public, with at least one photo. Your profile cannot contain “add me” links to other social media services.

3. Notability – Before you’re verified, you must be a well-known person, brand or entity, or a person who is searched often. You must be one that many people can vouch for. Take note, paid promotions/promotional content do not count.

4. Uniqueness – Your account must be unique. Instagram will not verify accounts that have general names or names that people may find difficult to locate. [ eg: @doglovers, @puppymemes, @government, @weddings ]. These names are not specific, and many people can use them as their names, and in hashtags.